Document Security Solution A document/file server is generally accessed by multiple users so that it is protected by various security measurements. On the other hand, PC is accessed by one user, and its security level is much lower than that of server. Therefore documents/files reside in PC are much more vulnerable to illegal leakage or intended damage.

However, sensitive documents/files are stored not only in the document/file server but also in the PCs. The documents/files can be leaked via email or USB memory or delete them intentionally. If the leaked documents contain sensitive information such as privacy data, the company will face legal implication.

ASPIDA is a document security solution for PCs. It protects documents/files on PC level from illegal leakage or intentional damage.

ASPIDA searches the documents/files on PC by contents of the documents. If a document contains the search content, it will be automatically encrypted the document and create “secure” document.

ASPIDA is able to limit the use of the secure documents.

Limits viewing, copying, deleting and printing secured documents selectively.
Limits saving in removable media, email attachment, uploading.
Limits screen capturing
Limits access specific websites, Windows Control Panel, Windows Registry Editor.

All the operations in the server and the clients are recorded as logs for auditing.

ASPIDA is the name of ancient Spartan shield.
Like Spartan shield, ASPIDA will protect intangible but precious documents assets in your PCs from any potential danger.