EasyRoute is a document distribution system that automates document workflows, from capturing of documents, distributing them to predefined destinations. The destination can be local, networked server, FTP server and MS SharePoint.

The key to customized process for the scanned document is called “Workflow”, which enables settings for one—stop transmission from the device to final destinations. The process contains form recognition, image enhancements, auto-indexing and auto-distribution. EasyRoute runs as a service in designated EasyRoute server supporting multiple users and devices.

Once the images are archived into either local or network server, the user can simply use Windows Explorer to search the image using Filename as searching criteria.  The user also has option to purchase Nocson’s EasyViewer for easier searching and viewing of searched files.

EasyRoute also keep the record of transmission for the audit trail purpose

Simple Document Management System

  • Archived files will have file name containing indexing information
  • Auto index to the column when MS-SharePoint connector is used
  • Searching using Windows Explorer or EasyViewer
Increase Productive
  • Improves business efficiency
  • Optional SharePoint® and FTP connector
Easy To Install and Use
  • No physical server is necessary
  • Step-by-step wizard is provided
  • Enables automatic workflow based on OCR or barcode